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SIHA Network SIHA Network

The 75th Session of African Commission 

SIHA Network supported five grassroots women activists and women leaders to participate and engage in  the 75th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) from 

SIHA Network SIHA Network

Spotlighting the Impact of the Gender Equality Network in South Kordofan

We are thrilled to showcase the incredible efforts of the Gender Equality Network (GEN) in South Kordofan, Sudan dedicated to empowering women and addressing their diverse needs. Through a series

SIHA Network SIHA Network

Women’s political participation in the Greater Horn of Africa is at a dangerous impasse

We as the women’s rights activists of the We Cannot Wait Consortium are in mourning after the loss of MP Amina Mohamed Abdi who was killed along with 47 others

SIHA Network SIHA Network

Women in South Darfur Speak Out

Given the recent surge in violence against women and girls in South Darfur, the Gender Equality Network of South Darfur has developed the statement below

SIHA Network SIHA Network

The 68th Annual Commission on the Status of Women

The We Cannot Wait Consortium was well-represented by SIHA Network and FIDA Uganda at the 68th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW68), held from March 11th to

SIHA Network SIHA Network