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We Stand with you – A Statement of Solidarity

We, as African Women Activists with our regional and global partners, write this statement in a rapidly changing context as the conflict that started in the Tigray region in November

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The Digital Threats Muslim Women Human Rights Defenders Face in the Greater Horn of Africa

Introduction: Safety online lies at the contours of digital rights, and all people should be able to engage on social media and use digital technologies without any threats to their

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International Women’s Day 2022 – Highlights from the Region

We Refuse to Stay in the Shadows #BreakTheBias

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We Cannot Wait Newsletter (Issue 1)

Message from Hala Al-Karib, Regional Director SIHA Network The We Cannot Wait Project is a consortium of Southern-led organisations that is explicitly focused on building an inclusive and cohesive women’s

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16 Days of Activism Complete the Sentence Campaign

Each one of us has a responsibility to be part of ending violence against women and girls in our communities; In 2021, during the 16 days of Activism, Fida Uganda,

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