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NAGAAD Network Awarded the Two Teams That Competed the Women’s’ Football Cup Were Awarded Prizes.

NAGAAD Umbrella has been conducted a colorful event awarding two women teams who compete the women’s cup, and one of the teams won the cup, that  for the women’s football

SIHA Network SIHA Network

We Cannot Wait Newsletter (Issue 1)

Message from Hala Al-Karib, Regional Director SIHA Network The We Cannot Wait Project is a consortium of Southern-led organisations that is explicitly focused on building an inclusive and cohesive women’s

SIHA Network SIHA Network

Musawah and Partners Host Regional In-Person Workshop on Family Law Reform

The Africa Regional Workshop on Family Law scheduled to be held in person took place on October 4th-6th, 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya. Partners Musawah Musawah, SIHA, Equality Now and FEMNET,

Musawah Musawah

Women in South Darfur Speak Out

Given the recent surge in violence against women and girls in South Darfur, the Gender Equality Network of South Darfur has developed the statement below

SIHA Network SIHA Network

The Digital Threats Muslim Women Human Rights Defenders Face in the Greater Horn of Africa

Introduction: Safety online lies at the contours of digital rights, and all people should be able to engage on social media and use digital technologies without any threats to their

SIHA Network SIHA Network

Regional Training of Trainers on a Feminist Participatory and Transformative Methodology

The training manual empowers women’s rights organizations, groups and activists in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHoA) in their efforts to define and champion gender equality in the political, legal,

SIHA Network SIHA Network